Neuromuscular Control & Proprioception: The Subtle Masters of Concussion Prevention

The realm of concussion prevention is vast, often focusing on tangible elements like protective gear or training regimens. However, with this blog series, we are focusing on the role the neck plays in mitigating the risk of concussion. We have covered several aspects so far including: a full multi-planar approach, neck strength symmetry and targeting the eccentric capacity of the muscles. […]

Improving Neck Symmetry: The Balanced Approach to Concussion Prevention

Improving Neck Symmetry: The Balanced Approach to Concussion Prevention When we talk about concussion prevention, much of the conversation revolves around protective gear, rules of the game, and awareness. However, a critical and often overlooked component is the structural integrity and strength symmetry of our neck muscles. In my previous post, I discussed the importance […]

The Crucial Intersection of Neck Training and Concussion Prevention in Sports

Sports, for many, are the epitome of passion, resilience, and agility. Yet, with the highs of triumphant goals and match-winning plays come the lows of injuries, with sports-related concussions taking center stage. The sheer unpredictability and potential long-term ramifications of concussions have driven professionals and researchers to search for effective prevention methods. Among these, one […]