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Think Differently. Train Differently.

A Revolution in Concussion Risk Reduction

Multi-Award Winning Device for Innovation in Athlete Health and Safety

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Dynamic Neck Strength to Combat Concussion


A state-of-the-art, science-based approach to reducing concussion risk.


Track results on our app with only 20 minutes of training a week.

TopSpin360 Product


Dynamic & multi-planar training to better simulate and prepare for game situations.


Self-generated centripetal force increases the resistance as your neck strengthens—no heavy weight necessary.

Athlete Working Out

Take an Active Approach.

Enhance your body’s natural defense against concussion.

Follow the Science.

TopSpin360 delivers an innovative training method following the most up-to-date science on concussion risk reduction.

Dr. Theo Versteegh holding a TopSpin360 training device in his hands, with equations to calculate rate of force development beside him.

Custom Training App

Customize workouts and track progress between sessions. Download on the Apple App store or Google Play.

World-Wide Delivery

Your TopSpin360 seamlessly delivered to your front door.


Train for results from day one. Each purchase includes an introductory session with a member of the TopSpin360 team.

Join the Revolution in Concussion Risk Reduction

Dr. Theo wearing TopSpin 360 helmet

The TopSpin360 Story

Dr. Theo Versteegh is the Inventor and Co-Founder of TopSpin Technologies. He started as football player at Western University, practiced for 20 years as a sports medicine physiotherapist, completed his Ph.D., and is now revolutionizing the fitness and training industry by empowering athletes to manage their own concussion risk through dynamic neck training.