What if you could
dramatically reduce your risk of
concussion? concussion? concussion?

The Science

Join Dr. Theo Versteegh to explore the impact of higher dynamic neck strength on reduced concussion risk. In this video, Dr. Versteegh dives into a revolutionary concept in concussion mitigation: Rate of Force Development (RFD). Learn how increasing mutli-planar (all 3 planes of motion) RFD in the neck enables an active approach to concussion risk reduction.

How it Works

TopSpin360 trains your head to stay stable during jarring impacts through dynamic and multi-planar neck strengthening.

The TopSpin360

Dr. Theo Versteegh is the Inventor and Co-Founder of TopSpin Technologies. He started as football player at Western University, practiced for 20 years as a sports medicine physiotherapist, completed his Ph.D., and is now revolutionizing the fitness and training industry by empowering athletes to manage their own concussion risk through dynamic neck training.

Case Studies