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Training on TopSpin360

Take a revolutionary approach to reducing your concussion risk. Watch our 2-minute video to see how.

The Process

TopSpin360 trains your head to stay stable during jarring impacts through dynamic and multi-planar neck strengthening.

Step 1

Grab your TopSpin360, turn on the device, and adjust the helmet to snugly fit your head. 

Step 2

Open your TopSpin360 app and connect your helmet to customize and track your session.

Step 3

Start spinning to improve dynamic neck strength and reduce concussion risk. 

Why we are different

RFD is a measure of fast twitch muscle development in pounds of force per second. As the neck’s RFD increases, so does your ability to stabilize your head on impact and reduce your concussion risk. Track your RFD in real time on our app as you train on TopSpin360.

Our training program requires only 3 short session per week. Adjust your helmet, connect to our app using built in Bluetooth, and see results in as little as 5 minutes per session!

TopSpin360 is the first, truly multi-planar, neuromuscular training device that dynamically strengthens the neck  through self-generated centripetal force. The faster the weight spins, the more centripetal force is generated and the faster and stronger the neck muscles must contract and respond to keep the head stable on the body. This is how TopSpin360’s innovative design trains the muscles to protect the head from sudden impulse loads.

TopSpin360 only uses self-generated centripetal force, so it is inherently safe as the weight can only spin as fast as the neck muscles can work.  Like a hula-hoop, the weight stops spinning if those muscles fatigue or lose coordination.

  • *Low friction dual-bearing system for improved training response and stability
  • *Rigid, lightweight design
  • *Fully adjustable inflation helmet
  • *Bluetooth ™ Low Energy device with high capacity battery, providing weeks of training between charges
  • *Custom training app through Google Play and the Apple App store
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More Than A Training Device.

Concussion Risk Reduction

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Join the Revolution in Concussion Risk Reduction